If you've never heard of the term "double cleansing" let me clarify, no, it's not a dirty term for anything. In fact, it's quite the opposite. It stems from K-beauty where essentially you cleanse your face twice (once with an oil-type cleanser and another with a water/foam-based cleanser), hence the term "double cleanse". This is a ritual I practice every night. For me my skincare routine is basically like my own form of self-care and the chance to have a few minutes to myself. 

But, we're not talking about skincare today. The title "double cleanse your life" came to me while going over my skincare routine. I thought about it and realized that while you can double cleanse your face, why not also take the time to double cleanse your life? It sounds sassy and extreme (I know) but I consider myself an "expert" on sassiness so let me continue to clarify this.

We've all been there. We've gone through many different challenges, difficulties and breakups of the romantic, platonic, and even familial realm of relationships. But even though you've cut ties with someone don't you still feel some sort of residue left over from them? Even though you've 'cleansed' your life of them, something still lingers and you can't really figure out what that is? Welcome to double cleansing. 

I know, it sounds super harsh and maybe it is but hear me out. These days extracting someone from your life involves more than just not talking to them at all. These days, it requires a lot more steps that involve a lot of unfollowing, unfriending, deleting, etc. It also requires purging their belongings from you life too - if you want to be extreme. But how about all those bad memories? We don't have the ability to erase them from our memories, but another piece of "cleansing" also means letting go. This might actually be the hardest part! How do you cleanse someone who potentially had an impact in your life, whether big or small? The truth is, it's not easy. In fact, it's fucking hard. 

Rather than getting caught up on how they might have hurt you or pained you, feel that feeling and then let it go. As with things of this nature, it's always easier said than done, trust me. It used to be one of my biggest challenges to really learn to let things go. In fact, sometimes it still is. But hey, we're all a work in progress aren't we? 

To really double cleanse someone from your life involves letting go of them physically and then learning to let go emotionally (which is always the hardest part). Sometimes it's easy because you've come to a mutual understanding that this needs to happen, and most times it's one person who wants to end it off which makes it a little more challenging. But letting go emotionally takes time, trial and error, practice, and a lot of patience with yourself. Letting go is the second part of 'double cleansing' someone from your life. It will always be challenging one way or another; this also goes for any general toxic relationships you've had. However, I think once you can take the time to wish them well, or at least well enough (for most of the time they come to mind), then you've already double cleansed them of your life and who knows, you might be making room for something new.