Maaaan I can definitely admit I got lost in the damn sauce. For some reason every February I always "lose myself" to this blog. I overanalyze, overthink and totally re-assess why I'm even blogging at all. You could say it has something to do with my birthday month but, I think it's just a total coincidence. 


But yeah, ya girl got lost in the (blogging) sauce. I re-started and rebranded this blog in 2017. I wanted it to reflect something positive and to really be a place for me to have fun and use this as a passion project; something to challenge me to continue to be creative. Somewhere along the way it went from "fun thing I do in my spare time" to something more serious. Now, let me say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. It's more than fine actually. But for me, that sense of seriousness began to channel itself into pressure. I started to feel like I was failing because I wasn't where other bloggers are. But like, helloooo that's a comparison trap and I fell in. 

So after weeks of feeling like a blogging/creative failure and declaring that I was "totally done with all this" - I found myself and escaped this gloom of doom I was stuck in. It may not be the biggest deal to some people but getting out of all that - finding the reason why I even wanted to continue felt pretty damn good! I'd liken it to drinking a really amazing coffee on a day off where you could do what you wanted - yeaaah, it's like that! 

So I guess, this was just a really long-winded way for me to say that I am no longer lost in the sauce and instead of putting pressure on myself to blog or write about things, it's just going to go back to being its original intention - a passion project.