Hi, my name is Chesca and I am addicted to taking on more than I can handle. Apparently, I think I'm Superwoman; that or I'm just overly ambitious that it seems to hurt me more than help me. 

I'm not sure when it was exactly, or if I've always been this way but I try to take on a lot more than I can handle, but disguise it as trying to be very accomplished. While it seems cool to do all these different things, sometimes it can really get to the point where you burn yourself out. Speaking from personal experience, I've definitely burned myself out over this more than once. That being said, here's why being overly ambitious (to a fault) can be bad for you and what you can do about it. 


1) Spending all your time dreaming and not executing. This is huge. I always have a wild flurry of ideas, but half of them don't actually make it out of my head because I want to do everything.

2) Taking on everything and then burning out in the process. I've done this to myself on a few occasions. Initially it seems really good to take on so much and want to do everything, but eventually taking on everything without a few breaks here and there wears you out. (Trust me.)

3) Not being focused. As I've said before, burning yourself out from trying to take on the world gets exhausting. But it also adds to not really focusing on anything properly. Yes, to everyone you're doing everything, you're a superhero. But really, you're not really focusing on a couple things here and there and it's ultimately hurting your hustle/passion/etc - at least for me anyway. If you're able to do all those things (plus more), holler at me cuz we need to talk!

However, while these are a few problems, I do have a few solutions that I have to remind myself of from time to time:

1) It's okay to take a breather. Yeah, it was hard for me to learn this one at first too. But I've been learning that even though you wana "hustle" all the time, sometimes taking a bit of a break does wonders for your stress, health, and even gives you a bit of a new perspective...if you let it.

2) Prioritize yourself first - as in, if you know you're gona feel stressed AF from taking on "one more project" - say no. You're more than allowed to say "no" and put yourself first. Do the one project you love first, stay focused on that. Even putting yourself first by doing something else like cooking or reading or cleaning or whatever - it'll help you realize that you need to take care of you first before you take on everything else.

3) Pick the essential projects, say no to everything else. This is something from a book I read a couple of years ago - "Essentialism". Where you choose the things you'd say "hell yes" to and no to everything else. I need to remind myself of this from time to time, but it does help when I get excited about all these different projects but pause and reflect on which ones I really want to take on. 

What do you do when you end up taking on too much?