My sense of style is always changing - completely affected by my lifestyle. Since I've been pretty active recently, my sense of style reflects that. I consider my personal aesthetic to be girly with a touch of sporty - but always super comfy. Signs that I'm either growing into a woman that truly knows what she wants or I'm getting old AF. 


I bought these Nike shorts on a whim after visiting Nike Brahaus - the band can be turned inwards so it can look like another pair - two shorts for the price of one? HELL YES! Anyway, since I usually dress pretty comfy I wanted something I could throw on to make it look a little more fancy for date night or out with friends. I stumbled upon this kimono by total chance, but figured that since fit within my budget (under $30 after tax) I could throw it on any old outfit and it would look totally new. Low and behold it does! 


So here's my hack into turning your gym outfits into something chic - literally throw a kimono over it and watch out it turns from #gymlife to #ootd in less than 30 seconds. 

Images taken by @stephygraffs