While I love the gym and training with boxing, I wanted to get back to something that helped me deal with stress. Yes, this was during an incredibly stressful period at work so I was searching for something that would slow me down, get me to focus on my breathing, and challenge me in a different way. The answer? Turn back to yoga. 

I'll admit, I haven't practiced regularly in the past - just trying out studios here and there only being able to afford the intro month but I wanted to try it out again. This time with the intention of dealing with stress and dealing with minor back pains from sitting in an office chair all day. I've been practicing for roughly two months consistently now and I must say it's great to go in every week and take about 60 minutes to practice breathing, getting in to deeper poses, and just being more mindful of my time in the studio. It's really helped me deal with grounding myself and more importantly, it's helped with any lower back pains from work. 

I only go once a week (for now) but it's just a different way to challenge my body and mind through physical activity. I always walk out a super sweaty mess, but I always feel so relieved and I just feel lighter. Originally, I went back to yoga to deal with my stress, but I continue going back for all the benefits it gives me that go beyond just dealing with stress. As for the work stress? It doesn't seem as heavy now, but it's something that yoga and deep breathing are helping me deal with. 

Images taken by @stephygraffs