Who knew. Who knew that I would try out boxing on a whim and end up loving it so much? I was never one for combat sports, (or to be honest sports in general as a kid) but boxing has my heart! To break the stigma, it's not so much about getting "hit in the face" it's much more than that - to me at least. 

Boxing has given me something more than just a new form of working out. It's given a newfound sense of empowerment, confidence, and strength! Boxing is challenging because it's like learning a new dance. Your body has to move in certain ways in order to generate power and you feel a little funny at first moving it in a certain way because your body isn't used to it, but once it is, it's incredible! And just the amount of mental strength it takes too - like when your body feels fatigued, you convince it to keep going. For those three minutes (per round) and time spent training, everything in you is telling you to keep going while your body is telling you that it's so fatigued, it can't go on.

Boxing is something that caught me by surprise. For me, it's a lot more than just a great workout, it's given me newfound strength, mentally and physically. It's just a different form of stress relief and one that only yields positive results. I have never felt more confident, self-assured, empowered, and strong in my life! 

Images taken by @stephygraffs