Ever since I've gotten into the habit of hitting the gym on the regular, it's really gotten me to take be more conscious of what I'm eating. I want to clarify that I don't mean in the sense of how many calories I'm eating, but a sense of WHAT I'm eating. 

I've become a lot more aware of the type of food I'm consuming: is it organic? non-GMO? etc. I've started to spend a bit more of groceries because of this, but I believe that this is more of an investment into my health and overall well-being. To me, it's important that I'm fuelling by body with the right stuff because I'd rather get energy naturally than from coffee, which usually leaves me to crash after 2pm. I'm snacking healthier, consuming a lot more fruits (mainly in the mornings) and really eating my greens!

I also want to clarify that having this sense of healthy eating definitely does not stop me from eating wings on a Tuesday (because of the Tuesday special discount) either. I don't feel guilty after that at all. In fact, I prefer it this way. I like having that sense of balance where during the week I eat relatively healthy and on weekends and certain weekdays I give myself the freedom to eat whatever the heck I want. Balance is key! 

I've also found that fuelling my body with the right stuff makes me feel a bit more energized, but also I really do feel happier and less sluggish. I'm also not sure if this is a true correlation but hey, when you're happy, just take it right? I'm not sure if I should start to include any healthy recipes or anything but I feel like that's something I'd get into in the future. For now, I think that this whole new sense of awareness has given me the keys to really having a healthier lifestyle and one that just feels a lot more clear, focused, and of course great for my overall well-being. 

Image taken by @stephygraffs