It's always great to write about your fitness journey and how you got to where you are in your journey now. I'll admit, I feel like I'm in a much more focused and disciplined place than when I first started. I feel like I have better direction, but we all had to start somewhere and I'd like to share how I got started and even what gets me going to continue on this lifestyle journey. 

What got me to even start working out in the first place is that one day I just started to realize that I felt so sluggish and tired all the time that I just needed to change. The thought literally came to me as I was on my fourth slice of pizza, slathered in caesar dressing, while drinking an ice cold Coke. I looked at my habits and realized that something had to change. I just couldn't continue feeling like this. 

After that day, I began obsessively researching on workout routines for beginners, different ways to eat healthy, and where the hell I would even start. My goal, naturally was to have flat abs, a poppin booty, and toned arms - yup, like I said, we all have to start somewhere. As I continued on my journey, I was definitely too strict on myself - my eating habits were very strict and I'll admit I made myself feel a bit guilty for indulging. I hit the gym everyday focusing on different areas of the body to work out and when I first started some-odd years ago I could barely do a push-up. These days - I'm definitely able to do push-ups and a lot more. 

Fast-forward to an on-and-off relationship with the gym to now (more consistent visits) and I feel like these days I've found a better balance. I'm a lot more focused on feeling better from the inside-out, rather than aesthetically. I'm focused on eating healthier, better meals but also enjoying every bite of a delicious burger and fries. I think I found a better relationship with the gym and have really started to push myself to try out different forms of fitness, like my newest challenge: boxing. 

These days, the way that I continue to stay motivated is because hitting the gym or just even eating healthier has now become a habit. It feels more natural and a lot better to take the time to really take care of myself and invest in my own well-being. It hasn't always been easy that's for sure, but it's been one hell of a journey. These days I look at fitness as a tool and a gift that I've given to myself. It's an investment into myself and hopefully I can share this love of health and fitness on others without coming off as too preachy, but rather passionate. 

Images taken by @stephygraffs