This may come off as a rant, but in this case, I think I'm okay with that. Can we avoid running into the "ego trap" that is subtly body-shaming others while promoting body positivity elsewhere? 

My whole life, I've been on the thin side - eating what I wanted without gaining anything. That seemed great, but with that came a lot of backlash - for something that I couldn't even control. And with that came all the "subtle bullying" from those around me. I've heard it all "you need to eat more" "oh, it must be easy for you because you're so skinny" "you don't need to work out!"- all types of shit like that, and I'm tired of it. I'm tired of hearing those types of things being said to others. What does that really do? It spreads around negative energy when it's not needed. I've never been the type to comment on someone's size like that, because regardless of size - words do affect how people perceive themselves. After going though that (and at times yup, I still get those comments) I wanted to talk about it and turn it into something positive. 


For me, the reason that I work out is because it makes me feel accomplished, stronger (both physically and mentally), and just more confident. I used to lack confidence growing up because all I would ever hear is "you need to eat more" "you're too skinny" - and trust me I would eat a lot. It made me feel like there was something wrong with me when there wasn't. We all work out for different reasons - so it really doesn't make sense to lash out against someone for their body type when that's not really something they can control. 

Don't go around promoting unity and girl power, when at the same time there's still subtle body shaming. I'm not one to body shame nor do I condone it (hence this post). I think it's important that when we say that we support everyone - we should. Everyone works out for their own personal reasons, it shouldn't matter to you if they're of a different size or body type - it's really not your problem. Can't we just get along and support each other without tearing each other down? Let's just come together and truly support and empower other women around us. There's strength in vulnerability and I think we should celebrate the differences we each have because that's what we can bring to the table - together.

Images taken by @stephygraffs