So, I've begun to realize that these days I'm either in work clothes or work out clothes. There seems to be no in-between anymore. I even try to add in work out clothing into my 'weekend' outfits as well because it's just that comfortable.  

However, there are some days where right after work I have to rush to the gym. Whether it be for boxing class, making sure I get a workout in before heading home, or even right after I actually get home after a quick snack and rest, a girl needs to stay ready! So here's a look that I put together that makes me look put together for work and the gym. My staple pieces are usually: workout leggings, either a tanktop or long-sleeved shirt, and throwing on a warm kimono or sweater to complete the look. It's one of my favourite go-to looks, a uniform if you will, on days I seem to be running late or running out of outfit ideas. 

Images taken by  @stephygraffs

Images taken by @stephygraffs