I know I previously wrote about what it was like to work at a fashion start-up two years ago, but now I wanted to talk about something else - why I went back to working a corporate job and why I'm perfectly fine with it. 

Two years ago if you asked me, I would've been the first person to tell you to follow your passions - even if that meant leaving a cushy job for new adventure. Back then, I wouldn't say I was naive, but I was someone that believed you really could find your dream job. However, sometimes reality doesn't work that way. Sometimes shit really hits the fan and you have to decide if it's better to stay on the path of following your dreams or if you have to compromise and go (back to) corporate and follow your dreams in the background. 

My life came to that point: I basically had to choose between a dream-type job or go back to corporate life and follow my dreams/passion in the back. I chose to go back. I chose to go back because personally, I just didn't want to stress about finances so much to the point where it was overly distracting. My current job is great - it allows me to get a stable income, benefits and all those great things, and still get time at the end of the day to focus on things I love doing: working out, writing, etc. 


I've learned that sometimes even though it feels like you're "betraying" your dreams, you're really not. You're just stepping up and taking care of your business and giving yourself some time to really hone your craft/dreams. 

I wrote this because I think it's important to remind people that you don't always have to really take the biggest risk and completely go for your dreams (if you don't have the means). Sometimes it's okay to do a 9-5 and dedicate all the free time you have to going after your dream/passion. It's not settling, it's doing things in your own time, taking your own path, and handling what you need to handle while working on those passions. And hey, who knows, maybe when you're really ready you can quit that corporate job and really dedicate the time to your craft. But for me, until then, I'll keep hustling on the side while keeping up with my 9-5.

Image taken by @stephygraffs