"Self-care" seems to be a buzz word these days. You see it everywhere - all over social media, and yet, what does it mean exactly? Does it mean to "treat yoself" all day everyday? Does it mean that we need to be working out all the time? 

In my opinion, the answer to both questions is yes...and no. For me, self-care means really listen internally, and take care of yourself. Self-care means that when you've had a rough day and all you want to do is lay in bed, put on a face mask and decompress - you should! Self-care can also mean that even though you've eaten healthy all week and you want just a small snack sized chocolate bar- do it! 

For me, self-care isn't about limiting yourself and your needs and wants. It just means that you are taking care of yourself: mentally, physically, and emotionally. It's letting yourself cry all the damn tears you want to cry, then getting back up and getting out into the world. It's acknowledging the fact that sometimes you're not going to always be okay and that's okay too!

While we always focus on taking care of ourselves externally, we should also be conscious of everything we are telling ourselves. If you eat healthy, hit the gym or are just an active person, but tell yourself everyday that you're a shitty person - that's not really take care of yourself. It goes back to your mind and how it controls the body. Remember, the "self" is more than just the outside it's ALL of you - and that includes the thoughts you think!


Self-care is taking care of yourself and sometimes that means walking away from situations or a person that isn't good for you anymore. It's knowing that sometimes you have to let go because it's harming you in so many ways. I think that's one of the hardest parts of taking care of yourself - knowing that sometimes the thing you want the most isn't really good for you! This could be in the form of food, a relationship, a friendship, or even a job! Your mental health is the most important thing and it's your job to remember that. 

I know this post was all over the place, but self-care is extremely important to me. It's something that I really try to live out day-in and day-out. Sometimes I slip, but I think knowing that if I can really take care of myself first, then I can go out in the world and take care of everything else. How do you define self-care? What do you do to really take care of yourself?

Images taken by @stephygraffs