Before you go ahead and scoff at the title and think this is some "hippie shit" that I'm about to write...well, you should probably stop reading because this doesn't sound like it's for you. If you tuned in past that sentence, I want to share a little something with you on how just changing my perspective on things made my life feel a littler lighter. 

I can readily admit that I wasn't always the person I am today, who is all about positivity and good vibes. I used to be very negative and would disguise it as "realistic". I would cheer other people on but would doubt myself and my abilities - which, if you think about it is being toxic to yourself. That's pretty much drowning yourself and expecting others to save you. 

Anyway, after being shown just how even thinking positively and not being so hung up on being SO attached to a certain outcome - things started to change. I began to just stop overthinking which was one of my worst qualities. I started to just focus on the positive or just changing my perspective of certain situations. That's when everything started to feel lighter. I'll admit, it wasn't always easy to just focus on the positive side when I could just complain and complain. Now, this isn't to say that I don't have my bad days, because we all do. What I am saying is that I don't focus so much of my energy on the bad (at least for the most part). Sometimes I'll take the negativity, take a deep breath, feel all that emotion (rant, cry, etc) and then let it go. It took some practice (and still does), but here I am today. By changing my perspective on certain situations, I was able to action it accordingly with the results being more in favour of a positive outcome more than anything. I began to express gratitude for everything and even that thought alone changed things for me. Vibes don't lie and I'm a lot happier because of it. 

Image taken by @stephygraffs