Although my pride won't let me admit it, I struggled a lot with confidence growing up. It was something I definitely had to really earn. I heard somewhere that confidence is earned, and in my case, I'd say that's totally true. 


I had a lot of self-doubt about my own abilities growing up; I always did the comparison game - you know, the one where you compare yourself to others? Yeah, there was a lot of that. While I used to just tell and remind people that I was confident, they would always tell me that there was an air of...well, no confidence. It would bother me so much because I thought I was really working on that part of myself. Nevertheless, remember the part where I said confidence is earned? You best believe I went through some shit that pushed me to really earn that confidence. 

So how does one truly earn confidence? It's being unapologetically yourself and being sure in what you say. It's knowing that you can't please everyone and not everyone you cross paths with will like you, so you have to be totally okay with that. It's really earning that sense of self-worth through hardships or realizations. For me, confidence is truly being okay with who you are and loving that, because at the end of the day, you're all you've got. 


Images taken by @stephygraffs