Hello! It's been awhile, I know! But, I purposely stopped blogging and as the title suggests - I'm back. 

I left because this time last year, I just had waaayy too much going on. I felt that I needed a break and that I needed to shift my priorities and focus on something else. At the time, I just felt up to my eyeballs in social media and I was so sick of it that I just wanted to be done with it as a whole - so I stopped blogging. True story. 

A year later, after going through the many lessons of 2016 with a new outlook on life and what 2017 can bring I decided to get back to blogging. Trust me, after going back and forth with friends on this idea, it just felt right. I wanted to come back and blog about something I really learned in 2016: self-care and positive thinking. I know self-care is considered a "buzz word" but it's something that I truly believe in and it's something that everyone deserves. So here's to a new year, a new blog, and a lot more positivity!  

Image taken by @stephygraffs