I initially wrote this in Dec 2015 - title and all. I stopped blogging for a year and a bit to ironically (or interestingly) enough gain some balance in my life. So here I am in 2017 writing about a balanced life - or something like it. 

What is a balanced life anyway? What does it consist of? How do you even stay balanced? For me, it's still an art that I'm learning. Just when I think I've got it down pat - I don't. I'm trying to juggle a million things at once - responsibilities, a 9-5, side hustles, staying active, eating healthy, trying to maintain some sort of social life and on top of all that - keep my stress levels at a low. It's not easy, but I wanted to know - is balance truly achievable? Does something have to give? 

Truthfully, I think I'm addicted to the hustle. I can't JUST be working at a 9-5 when I know I want to pursue and stay within a creative field. So this brings about an issue - a balance issue. How does one maintain a healthy mindset trying to "do everything" while also searching for inner peace? It's not perfect and I don't always have the right answers but here are a few ways I try to maintain some sort of balance:

1- Focus on one thing at a time: When I'm at my 9-5 I try to remain in that type of mindset - that I need to focus on the job at hand and handle it. Once it's over, I can then try to focus on blogging or coordinating things - which I dedicate about a few hours a week to. The point is to focus on what's in front of you and then move on to the next once you're done. Things feel less chaotic this way.

2- Don't forget about "me time": "Me time" is different for everyone, but personally, I like to have mine at the gym. It gives me a chance to clear my head of the day to day and focus on the task at hand. It's a great way to deal with stress and take care of yourself at the same time!

3- Scheduling! My agenda is my holy grail. I like to schedule everything in there so a) I hold myself accountable and b) I stay organized and on track without losing myself in the hustle and bustle of it all. 

4- Have fun! I used to be a workaholic. I wouldn't feel right if I didn't work on something at all times of the day, but I've come to learn that life isn't just about working all the damn time! You're allowed to have fun! It keeps things in perspective, gives you a chance to breathe, and more importantly to just enjoy life! 

5- Take a moment to breathe: This last one sounds like the easiest, but I've found that it's the hardest for me to do sometimes. During those really stressful high volume moments at work, sometimes I forget to breathe and calm my stress levels. I think that it's harder to take a moment to step away from something even for a couple minutes because you just want to get it done. Balance is ensuring that you're levelled. Taking a moment in the middle of all the chaos to breathe is just that and definitely something I personally need to get better at! 

Balance is a tricky thing, because sometimes I'm not always as balanced as I want to be or think I am. It's still a struggle but as long as I'm being active, eating healthy, and taking care of myself mentally then I think I've achieved some form of balance even if my life in general isn't. What are your tips/tricks for staying balanced in your life? 

Image taken by @stephygraffs