When I was younger, believe it or not, I had thick super silky straight hair. Then a little thing called puberty came in and took that all away from me and left an awkward pre-teen with frizzy, wavy, hair. Long gone were the days of combing my hair with ease, instead, I was met with hairbrush fights with my hair and denying any waves I had by straightening it. Yup, all through out high school and bits of university, I would take the time to straighten my hair, ensuring that any piece of “wave” would be straightened away.

Taking the time to straighten everyday got old, fast. Plus when the humidity hits, it’s hard to try to keep the waves and frizz at bay. I'm not exactly sure when it happened, but one day I just decided “fuck it, I’m going to rock the waves today”. Again, not sure if it was because I was that lazy or just decided to be ‘myself’. Once I decided to own my waves, it took a whole lot of different hair products, trial and error (and money) to finally get a routine down.

Now, in my twenties, I can finally say that I fully embrace this wavy, frizzy mop on my head. My hair routine has certainly been ‘cut down’ from what it used to be and all thanks to my hair cut and hair products, I can own the frizzy look. It’s become something of a signature now, which to my surprise was half being lazy and half deciding to stop damaging my hair.

Check out my frizzy hair staples below: 

Jacket: Banana Republic | Shoes: Nike | Necklace & Top: Forever 21