As an avid coffee drinker, while I did enjoy the taste of coffee, I ultimately hated the ‘anxious’ feeling it gave me –especially before a pretty nerve-wracking meeting. So I’ve been going back and forth between coffee and (Genmaicha) green tea. They both serve the same purpose, but I found that to reach the same caffeinated state as coffee, I’d have to drink twice as many cups of green tea, which means frequent trips to the bathroom and less time getting any actual work done.

So during a conversation about healthy living with a friend, she suggested that I try out matcha green tea. As with anything I do, I quickly looked up the benefits of this magical powdered tea and was completely on board. Since then, I’ve switched between matcha green tea and my usual.

I find that matcha green tea provides me with same sense of alertness as coffee, without that anxious feeling. For me, that is a huge win –almost like experiencing an ‘alert calm’. Since matcha is more potent than tea leaves, it also has huge health benefits, and anything healthy I am always on board for. And, if I may be honest, I think I just really like the fact that my tea turns green.

However, now that matcha can be found just about anywhere -it's my current go-to when I hit up places that have it available aka bubble tea places. Honestly, I don't even go to bubble tea all that often, but when I do, I tend to lean towards (surprise, surprise) the matcha flavors. At this point, you could say, I'm mad about matcha. Hah, horrible pun and I'm pretty sure that's a name for a drink somewhere (or not). 

Anyway, while it can be a bit expensive for a small pack to have on hand (mine was available at a local Asian grocery store for about five dollars), it doesn’t take too much to make the tea. I use about a teaspoon and I find that it works just fine. So if you’re looking for something that gives just as much caffeine as coffee and you really want to skip that anxious feeling, give matcha a try, seriously!