Lately, I've been trying to figure out what to do with this blog. It honestly started out as a portfolio and a way to practice writing, but it grew into something more. As I have changed, so has this blog. It's gone from a portfolio, to a fashion/lifestyle blog, and now I might be taking it into a different direction; adding a little something that I prematurely tried before, but I feel is more fitting now. 

I'm pretty glad I used my name for the website -it allows me to change up the content every now and then and play around with the relevant topics in my life! I've come to realize that while I am incredibly passionate about fashion, I now work at a fashion-start up so it would be great to tell people all about what it's really like working at one. I think adding a few tips, tricks, hacks, and lessons learned will help people in navigating their own career paths. I'm pretty excited for this bit of rebranding on my end, so stay tuned for more details!