As someone who regularly hits the gym and is moderately ‘strict’ with their eating habits (and I use strict very loosely), like I said before 2015 was all about pushing myself. That being said, I wanted to add something relatively new to the mix in terms of workouts. Enter, hot yoga. I’ve always been interested in hot yoga and have actually taken it a few years back. This past week, I’ve gotten back into it after about a two or three year hiatus.

With the help of my new Nike Studio Wraps, which provides me with extra grip for those super sweaty hot yoga sessions, I can say that I’m finally back in the groove. I plan to hit up hot yoga once or twice a week and I always feel amazing leaving the studio. I find that for me personally, it gives me a sense of ‘me’ time away from work and other distractions and worries. It’s also a different type of workout and I love switching things up!