Now that Spring is officially here, I can finally stop wearing so many layers! Don’t get me wrong, I love the "art" of layering but after about 23 extreme cold weather alerts all through February, I’m excited to feel the warmth of the sun.

While spring is all about renewal and "starting fresh" I figured that it was time to switch up my beauty routine as well. I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite beauty products to refresh your routine for spring!

Cheeks –Estée Lauder Pure Color Blush in Peach Passion, $36, available at Estée Lauder counters- While everyone is into contouring (something of which I’m still trying to perfect), I’m finding myself leaning towards peachy tones. There’s something about spring that pushes me towards a more dewy look. I've been rocking this blush for about three weeks now (all thanks to OverCat PR) and I love the subtle bit of colour it gives me. I apply it with a light hand to the apples of my cheeks in a sweeping motion. The colour payoff is incredible, as I only use a bit of product and get a nice 'glow'. I'd say that this is worth the price, as not only does it come in beautiful packaging, but just a bit of product goes a long way.

Lips –MAC Shy Girl, $16, available at MAC  Like I said, I’m into peachy tones as of late; maybe it’s been because I’ve been wearing dark, vampy colours all winter or because I just need to rock something new. For me, MAC’s Shy Girl is my warm weather go-to. It’s a neutral tone that can be played up or played down and it's in their Creamsheen formula so it’s not going to dry my lips. It’s also a great colour to rock from daytime to nighttime especially if you apply a smokey eye and use  Shy Girl to tone down your lips.

Perfume - Dior, Miss Dior, $70, available at Sephora- Changing up your “signature scent” every now and then can make you feel different. There’s something about putting on a new scent that can make you feel invincible. Personally, I’m into more light, fresh, barely-there scents, which is why I usually tend to stay within that range of perfumes. However, this season I think I may try to switch it up and go for something bolder.

Nails- emjoi Micro Nail buffer, $59.99, available at Shoppers Drug Mart- Having a good base for your nails for polish or even to wear them naturally is important. So as someone who seems to always be strapped for time, the emjoi Micronail is perfect. It actually does buff and shine your nails within seconds and let’s face it, I’m a sucker for pink, so its baby pink shade fits in perfectly with my nail polish collection. But seriously, it buffs and shines your nails in about 60 seconds (minus the extra few seconds you need to change the Smooth Roller and Shine Roller). I usually like to let my nails breathe in between polishes, so it added a bit of a shine to my natural nails. Plus, buffing and shining them before applying polish allows for a smooth application. I’m definitely a fan of this product, however do keep in mind that because it’s electric it does get a bit noisy. Super thanks to TPG for sending this over!

Hair –Nisim Hair Conditioning Masque, $24, available online at - This winter was pretty harsh on my skin and hair. The lack of moisture in the air left my hair feeling dry, despite loading on Moroccan Oil and loads of product in it. Whether you colour your hair or not, it’s good to treat your tresses to a deep mask at least once a week. Lately, I’ve been using Nisim Hair Conditioning Masque (all thanks to OverCat PR) and it’s been working like a charm. Since I have colour-treated hair, every week or so I like to give my hair some tender lovin’. However, if you find that your tresses are really ‘traumatized’ then this can also be used with a heat cap for more intense results.