After an extremely brutal winter, spring is finally making its way back around! While it isn’t the picture perfect spring weather we Torontonians are looking for, the sun is shining on us a little longer and we’re finally starting to hit the double digits.

So while this means no more shoveling through the snow and trudging through slush infested sidewalks, this also means I can finally stop “dressing for survival”. Yup, I’ll be the first to admit that once the weather hits a certain temperature (-30 degrees Celsius) I stop trying to dress cute and start dressing for survival. Sweaters on sweaters and layers on layers of whatever I can find around me. So now that spring has made its way back around, naturally, my wardrobe changes.

I called this post “Rose Coloured Glasses” because 1) quite obviously, I’m wearing rose-colored glasses in this picture and 2) it might be premature excitement since the winter is showing hints that it’s still around. Regardless, this outfit was one of those “oh crap I woke up late for work” ones. So I threw on whatever I had and accessorized it so it didn’t look completely lazy.

Pants: Club Monaco | Coat: American Eagle | Top: American Apparel | Necklace: F21