World Mastercard Fashion Week is a sign that a seasonal change is happening in Toronto. While it’s always about looking your best and running around the city catching the latest shows, it’s also about trying to ‘survive’ it. You know what I mean –heels all day, trying to eat snacks in between shows, and making sure you’re jotting down all the right notes. It can be 'fabulously' overwhelming!

For me, I’ve learned to keep my fashion week essentials simple and to the point. It's also easier to carry around! Here’s what’s floating around in my purse for fashion week:

1- (Blue) pen –It might not be the coolest looking tool, but it gets the job done.

2-EOS lipbalm –It smells great, hydrates your lips and it’s in my favourite colour.

3- CLINIQUE chubby stick –Again, hydrating and it gives just the right amount of colour for touchups in between shows.

4- Business cards –Because you never know who you’ll meet at fashion week and it’s always handy to have on hand!

5- Notebook –I found this at Urban Outfitters and I always carry it around with me. It’s the perfect size for jotting down notes from certain designers and writing down any ideas that come to mind. Plus, it easily fits into an oversized clutch purse!

6- Green Tea Pocky – While I’m all for carrying snack bars and granola bars around, I find that having a little sugar is good to keep the energy going to hit up all the shows.