There are very few times and instances in life where you meet people that you click with instantaneously. Categorized as a writer, stylist, friend, dancer, and all around powerhouse, Ms. Aliecia Brissett is someone that I consider a woman with ambition that wants nothing more than to share her talents with the world.

Meeting “by chance” at a WMCFW event, I found that Aliecia and I clicked almost instantly. Maybe it was both of our chosen career paths or perhaps bonding over our fashion week experiences, we both walked away with a new friend and someone who understands what it means to be pursue their dreams relentlessly.

I asked Aliecia to introduce herself, in her own words:

My name is Aliecia Brisett, I’m born on the Pisces-Aries cusp and I work as a stylist and content and fashion writer/editor for Urbanology Magazine. I’m also a model. I love to write, and to help people. I also love to talk. I love to do a lot and that’s just my thing. I do a lot/too much. Sometimes my schedule is really weird; I’m either really, really busy or at a standstill for another few months. It’s really weird.

Francesca Castor: What motivates you to keep going even though you have self-doubt creeping up on you?

Aliecia Brissett: Honestly, what keeps me pushing is my mom. She raised me by herself, I’m not “the sorry black girl who never knew her dad” I know my dad but my mom is the one who actually raised me; she’s basically a single mom. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. What pushes me for success and my definition of success is to provide for my mom. I want to buy her a house and know she’s going to be okay and she can be financially free.

FC: Who or what would you say is your biggest inspiration?

AB: My biggest influence aside from my mother is June Ambrose. She’s a stylist, a Black woman, and she’s a mom to two kids has her husband and lives in New York. She’s a stylist to celebrities. She’s amazing; she has her own shoe line. She’s always on the go. I follow her on Instagram. I look forward to all her posts. She wakes up in the morning and makes her kids breakfast and plans dinner ahead. That’s my dream life. I want to be able to have a family but also have a career. She’s family oriented and supports her husband. That’s what I want to be: a Black woman in power doing it all, while helping others. Industry people know who she is because she isn’t putting her business out there. She only puts what she wants you to know and that’s how I live my life too. I give you or post what I post because that’s all I want people to know. I respect her 100% for that. She keeps me going. I see her and I think to myself “I need to be there” She started trends. She’s out there doing it: taking care of her kids being with her husband and still having a great career. That’s what I want

FC: How do you stay inspired?

AB: Women who have their shit together push me, women who are unapologetic about things. As long as they’re staying true to themselves, go do it.

FC: You’re all about female empowerment, always moving to support other women in their own hustles and accomplishments. Do you find that you have a strong female support system?

AB: It’s funny you say that because at this age (in your twenties) you find out who’s really going to stay. It’s a bitch, and it hurts but you have to do it. You’re going to have friends in your life who will be nice to you but will be jealous behind your back. I have 3 good, good friends who are for me.

This is how I see it. Your support system should be like a business deal. It’s a business deal that is put on the table for you to grow and prosper. It is supposed to help you grow, depending on what you bring to the table.

FC: If there is a message you want to tell yourself, or anyone out there trying to reach their goals/dreams, what would it be?

AB: I feel like I’m the older version of my little cousin. And I think “I make mistakes for you so you don’t have to make the same ones. You can be better”. Don’t apologize for being yourself.

FC: What’s your ultimate goal (if you can share)?

AB: I want to make other people happy while making myself happy. That’s what pushes me. Even just the whole jealousy thing, I don’t want to feel jealous. I want to help push other people to do better. I want to be at a higher point where I can financially say that. I want to help girls, I want them to come to me so I can help them I will be more than happy to help them. I’d rather have someone in my circle who is willing to do that rather than a stranger. I will put more effort into helping the underdog. I want to help people and be at a point where I want to be an influencer.

FC: Lastly, if there’s one quote or something you could say to sum up your “hustle” what would it be?

AB: You have to think of yourself as a boss and no matter what you do, you need to see yourself as a boss no matter what you do. You could be working at Mc Donalds but you better be the most respected person in Mc Donalds. You build from that. You don’t sit there and don’t take shit. If you don’t feel something within yourself that doesn’t feel right don’t do it. God puts people in your life to help you grow. Do not focus on the negative things. You can always start over; don’t be afraid to start over. Don’t look at people who are at chapter 50 when you’re at chapter 1. You can’t just do it. You need to work. You need to grow with people.

Keep positivity around you. Positivity changes things so much. The world is so big to think so small.